After thinking very, very hard and very, very long, we've decided to stay on tract and continue churning out episodes about Doctor Who rather than fulfill our shared lifetime fantasy of doing a Columbo podcast (turns out there's just too many of them out there).

We decided to start fresh with the conclusion of what many fans (and the BBC) think of as a rotten time in the show's history: Series 26.  That's right, it's cats and boys in short shorts: "Survival".  Is this story the cat's pajamas?  Or does it belong in a litter box?  Listen and find out!

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After eight years of doing a podcast, people email us or come up to us at conventions and ask, "Hey when are you going to do that one episode?"  And then we're like, "Which one?"  And they're like, "You know, that one!"

Well, this is that episode.

You can email Sean and Steve at or look for their fabulous Facebook page.  Everyone who is anyone is there!

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Way back in Episode 17, we covered "The Power of the Daleks" and proclaimed that this was the serial to find if there ever was one to be found.  Seven years later, it still hasn't been found, but the fine folks at the BBC Worldwide slaved over a hot desk for a very long time to animate all six episodes of Patrick Troughton's first story.

That gave us the perfect opportunity to watch the story in its new incarnation, and decide whether animation is the gateway to a new era of Doctor Who or if we should just hold on to those CDs of "Marco Polo" and "The Savages" we've had for years.  So, without further ado, listen in as we discuss the merits of "The Power of the Daleks"!

We're lonely and need feedback.  You can send it to and also follow Sean on send him hate mail in 140 characters or less via @tardistavern.

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Episode 157: Transmission of Matter Through Interstitial Time

There are those stories that are widely reviled like "The Twin Dilemma" and "Delta and the Bannermen".  Then there are those that exist on the underbelly, those whose creators will deny the existence of to this day, those that belong in the dustbin with "The Macra Terror".

"The Time Monster" is one such story.  Rumor has it that any "Doctor Who" story with the word "time" is doomed to failure; "The Time Warrior" is one exception, while "The Time Monster" has a special place in the producers' file cabinet filed under W for "What Were We Thinking?"  Clearly, these are spoilers for what we think of the story, but sometimes the fun is just in poking fun, isn't it?

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Episode 156: Arrest the Scarf

After recovering from our recent adventure with the Game Master, we're back to our usual hijinks with a look at the one Doctor Who story that is considered to have the best soundtrack ever: "The Leisure Hive", ironically named because the only hive to be seen in the story are the hairdos.

Is this a masterpiece that signaled the beginning of the John Nathan-Turner era?  Or does the mere mention of it make Smurfberry Crunch fall from your head?  Listen in and find out!

There was no feedback this episode, which makes us sad because we know you fuckers are downloading this shit.  Email us at and maybe we'll send you a lifetime supply of chocolate.

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Episode 155: The Game Master's Master Plan

Our intrepid heroes are visited once again by Josh Zimon (of the Doctor Who: The High Council podcast), but the merriment is cut short when he tears away his disguise to reveal that he is none other...than the Game Master!  [Insert thunder here.]

Hey, send us email!  Write us at and look for the podcast's Facebook page.  It's the hottest thing this side of Gallifrey!

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Episode 154: Don't be Such a Babydoll!

Ah, the 1940's.  The War.  The fashions.  The big band music.  And the water zombies.  Will the Doctor and Ace be able to play their next move in the so-called "Cartmel Master Plan", or will Fenric reign supreme?

Spoiler: The Doctor and Ace defeat Fenric.  But is the voyage there yet another cheesy jaunt in the Seventh Doctor's era, or is this the masterpiece that some fans say it is?  Listen in as we discuss it.

If you email us, we will send you an Amazon gift card (some restrictions apply).  If you email us audio feedback, we'll play it!  Send it to  Also, look for us on Facebook and follow Sean as he sends drunk tweets at 3:00 a.m. via @tardistavern.

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Episode 153: Dawn of the Mawdryn Undead

After shitting all over Steven Moffat, we're back!  And we want to cleanse our palette with a classic Who story from the Davison era, "Mawdryn Undead".  There's exposed brains, time travel, disgusting bodies, Tegan, Nyssa, a guy with a crow on his head, and a traitorous redhead who talks to his hand.  Joining us is Phil from the Braving Babylon 5 podcast, who graciously stayed up into the wee hours in England to put up with our drunk asses.

In the name of all that is evil, give it a listen and find out if it goes down as smoothly as an undead alien gliding through a recreational spaceship, or if it's as ridiculous as mistaking any old charred corpse for Peter Davison.  Spoiler: opinions differ!  Tempers flare!  Garbo laughs!

Have an issue with us?  Go fuck yourself, then email us at  You can also follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern and Phil via @bravingB5.

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Episode 152: Say Something Nice

After exploring the depths of "The Underwater Menace", our heroes jump ahead to the current era of Doctor Who to talk about Steve once coined "a generic Capaldi two-parter".  That's right, it's "Dark Water" and "Death in Heaven", the dramatic conclusion to one of the most beloved series of the program ever!

Why isn't Dr. Chang Chinese?  What's so dreadful about St. Paul's Cathedral?  Is Peter Capaldi sexier with the big hair or the short hair?  All these questions and more might be answered in our latest episode!

Email us hate mail at and look for us on Facebook, at which our popularity is growing bigger than Chinese Olympic swimmer Ning Zetao.

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Episode 151: Nuzzing in zee Vorld

Time has, for the most part, come to the end of the DVD range of Doctor Who.  And it ended, some would say, not with a bang but with a whimper...with the recently found missing episode of "The Underwater" menace, the BBC was quick to capitalize on their new find by quickly releasing the story on DVD.  Is this the new "Enemy of the World"?  Or should "The Underwater Menace" be tossed into the Time Lash?

Listen in as we discuss preposterous fish people, sonic mining, the trouble with triple companions, and what may be one of our favorite villains of all time.

Send wonderful feedback to so that we can read it out loud on the show, and be sure to look for our Facebook page.  Also, keep on leaving those positive reviews on iTunes!

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